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EVERTECH LLC conducted a voluntary certification of produced computer equipment and received a Certificate of Conformity for computers and servers “EVERTECH”, which confirms the proper characteristics of goods and their compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents of Ukraine.
Computers and servers EVERTECH are manufactured according to the specifications for the production of high-tech equipment.
All components before entering the assembly are pre-tested – inspection and functional testing.
After the complete assembly of computers and servers, system and specialized software is installed. Then the products are tested according to GOST 21552, the software is checked for operation according to DSTU 2851, DSTU 2853, DSTU ІBO / IBS 14756 and by running these programs. There should be no errors and failures.
After this, the computers and servers are carefully tested using special test programs.
The last stage is a test of sudden power outages, the packaging of products that have passed all stages of testing, and sending them to the finished goods warehouse.
To guarantee the quality of products, a Quality Management System has been implemented and successfully operated in EVERTECH. The certificate of the Ukrainian certification body for quality management systems confirms that the quality management system that extends all EVERTECH business activities complies with the state standard DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 (9001: 2015, IDT).

Since its founding, EVERTECH has been cooperating with the largest companies – the leaders of the global IT industry, adopting experience, competencies and technologies for the production and implementation of computers,
When fulfilling orders, we apply an individual approach to each client. Your order will be delivered to you at a specified time anywhere in Ukraine. Transportation is carried out by the company’s logistics partners, which ensure fast and reliable delivery.