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The information technology provider – company EVERTECH, has improved the IT infrastructure of a large manufacturing, trading and logistics enterprise.
The client is one of the largest operators of the food market and imports, processes and sells food products in Ukraine, and also exports finished food products. The client also owns a large logistics complex.
IT-analysts speak of an increase in the volume of data stored by the exponent. And our client also faced the fact that the disk space is rapidly ending, and in the VMware vSphere cluster, the production capacity was not enough for the full operation of all applications.
The client’s management decided to increase disk space and capacity by adding a new blade server and a new node in the storage system. As a result, the client purchased:

1. Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server is a versatile and efficient modular server that delivers scalability and high density through the use of a half-height dual-processor blade server that is ideal for high-performance computing, every bundle as a service, and virtualization.

2. Dell PS4210SX storage system with optimal capacity and cost for the needs of a growing business that has the ability to connect to other PS arrays within the same storage area network (SAN) group without interrupting operations.

In accordance with the technical task, the new blade server and storage systems should have been integrated into the customer’s infrastructure. Our specialists installed a new server in the blade basket and connected it with the current VMware vSphere infrastructure. The additional storage node was installed into the current group and disk space was increased due to the new node. During the installation, work was performed to upgrade the firmware of all the equipment to the current versions.
During the installation of the equipment the following works were performed:

Installation and commutation of storage systems Dell PS4210SX with switches blade system DELL PowerConnectM8024-k;
Upgrade the firmware on the Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110XS storage system to version 9.1.0, and then to version 10.0.2;
Resetting and updating the firmware to version 10.0.2 and initializing the new storage system Dell PS4210SX;
Adding a Dell PS4210SX storage system to the group for the current Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110XS storage array;
Configuring RAID levels for storage drives Dell PS4210SX;
Upgrades total disk space pool;
Increasing the working space of working LUNs in the Dell EqualLogic system;
Increasing the working space of working LUNs in a VMware vSphere system;
Firmware update for Dell PowerEdge M1000e;
Installing and updating the firmware to the latest version of the PowerEdge M640 blade and installing the VMware ESXi 6.7 OS;
Create a new LUN and connect it to the Dell PowerEdge M640 and Dell PowerEdge M630 servers.

After the installation, the client received an additional working server for virtualization and one integral storage system consisting of two Dell EqualLogic systems with increased disk space, which were combined into a modern, easily manageable, fault-tolerant information environment to perform business tasks.