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The modern world is focused on the processing and storage of data and it needs new solutions. The volumes of digital information grow exponentially; therefore, the following high requirements apply to data storage systems:

Performance. The number and type of storage device, the volume of cache memory, the processing power of the processor subsystem, the number and type of internal and external interfaces, as well as the possibilities for flexible settings and configuration determine it.

Management. Storage management is carried out through a web interface or command line, there are monitoring functions and several options for notifying the administrator about the problems. Hardware diagnostic technologies for performance are available.

Reliability and fault tolerance. The storage system provides for full or partial backup of all components – power supplies, access paths, processor modules, disks, cache, etc. It is mandatory to have a system for monitoring and alerting of possible and existing problems.

Scalability. In storage, it is usually possible to increase the number of hard drives, the amount of cache memory, hardware upgrades and expansion of the functionality with the help of special software. All these operations are performed without significant reconfiguration and loss of functionality that helps to save and flexibly approach to the design of the IT infrastructure.

Data availability. It is provided by thoughtful functions to preserve data integrity (using RAID technology, creating full and instant copies of data inside the disk rack, replicating data to remote storage, etc.) and the ability to add (update) hardware and software in hot mode without stopping the complex;