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One of the clients EVERTECH decided to update their business processes to improve the quality of processing requests, speed and individualization of services. To accomplish this task, he attracted an external developer, whose employees were forced to provide elevated privileges in his information system, which implies the possibility of access to confidential information. There was a task to ensure the ongoing monitoring of actions performed by employees of an external supplier of IT services under privileged accounts, as well as automated account management.

EVERTECH specialists prepared and implemented a pilot project of Wallix AdminBastion system for managing and controlling access of privileged users with the support of the manufacturer – Wallix, which provided trial keys for the installation and testing of the solution.
The single sign-on (SSO) technology has been applied, which allows not transferring passwords from administrative accounts to external IT-service providers.
The client received information about operations performed in the system in real time. The client also received the opportunity to view it retrospectively and search by various parameters.

The solution protects systems with installed operating systems of Windows, Unix and MacOS X families.
Supported protocols for connecting to protected objects:
• Telnet
• Rlogin
To install the Wallix AdminBastion solution, VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual infrastructure was required.
Minimum resource requirements:
– 2 virtual processors
– 2 GB RAM
– 30 GB of disk space for OS
– Disk space for video recording (both locally and in network resources)
– 1 network card
By increasing the load (open connection sessions), you may need to increase the number of processors and RAM.
The client highly appreciated the possibilities of our solution and purchased it on an ongoing basis.

As a result, the client was able to reliably control access to internal and external IT-service providers, account holders with extended privileges and users with increased risks, record working sessions of administrators in the form of text logs and videos and view them. The Wallix AdminBastion solution allowed the client to implement a robust security policy that complies with all applicable technological and legal requirements, including in terms of staff rotation in the IT department — employees who leave the company will no longer be able to access important servers.

Our client is protected, and you?