IT audit - Evertech

EVERTECH audits IT infrastructure – performs a complex of activities for the survey, inventory and analysis of the entire information system of the client’s enterprise, as well as assesses the infrastructure for compliance with the company’s requirements, as well as the need and the possibility of modernization. The main object of the audit is to check the system for performance, reliability and security, including the organization of protection against unauthorized access and antivirus protection.

As a result of the IT audit, the client receives a report on the effectiveness of the existing IT infrastructure and recommendations for addressing the identified shortcomings, as well as on the necessary upgrading of equipment and IT infrastructure in general.

The IT audit report will become the basis for taking proactive measures to reduce the number of emergency and unscheduled repairs, equipment downtime. Based on real assessments of the technical condition, the client will be able to plan replacement parts, maintenance and repairs based on actual realities – the current and projected condition of the equipment, operating conditions,

IT audit is a necessary stage for entering into an IT outsourcing contract, as the audit allows you to optimally calculate the cost of services and draw up a plan for the development of the customer’s information system for several years to come.

Equipment audit:

  1. Survey and analysis of the IT-equipment at users’ workplaces and office equipment;
  2. Survey and analysis of servers and storage systems;
  3. Inspection and analysis of the active network equipment and SCS;
  4. Inspection and analysis of uninterruptible power systems.

Software audit:

  1. Survey and analysis of software installed on the workstations of employees and servers of the company;
  2. Survey and analysis of corporate communication systems;
  3. Software verification for licenses, rights to use it, compliance with the number of licenses and installed programs

Audit of security systems:

  1. Survey of information security systems and analysis of possible ways of access to company information
  2. Inspection and analysis of internetwork security settings;
  3. Check the operation of anti-virus protection and anti-spam protection of e-mail.