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The continuity of the operating activities of any business depends on the stable functioning of the IT infrastructure. The company EVERTECH uses a wide range of solutions to protect the IT infrastructure from all modern types of attacks: attacks from the Internet, interception of confidential information and passwords within the network, selection of passwords and exploitation of vulnerabilities in the software.

By designing, implementing and maintaining intelligent infrastructure protection systems, EVERTECH company experts along with customers, reduce the cost of owning security systems, hinder the growth of IT infrastructure protection costs while increasing the level of protection.

To protect against malicious programs and emerging threats, we offer flexible solutions based on a high-performance network security platform for enterprise networks that will not reduce performance.

Effective and economical protection of the IT infrastructure allows ensuring the stability of the work; reducing the risks of underfunding, deterioration in the quality of customer service and of reduce of customer loyalty and unproductive idle time.