IT Outsourcing - Evertech

The company EVERTECH offers the subscriber services – IT outsourcing – for enterprises and organizations and performs works on partial or complete support, maintenance and modernization of the IT infrastructure of customers.

IT outsourcing is the transfer by the customer of the functions to support IT systems to the contractor. The Contractor guarantees performance of these functions in accordance with the approved level of service.

IT audit is a prerequisite for entering into an IT outsourcing contract, since the audit allows you to optimally calculate the cost of services and make a plan for the development of the customer’s information system for several years to come.

EVERTECH’s services in the field of IT outsourcing for the technical support of IT infrastructure ensure the uninterrupted operation of corporate IT systems, minimize the risks of failures in their work, optimize the costs of the development and operation of the IT infrastructure, they can include:

  1. Technical Support for hardware and software in the workplace of employees;
  2. Technical support for server and active network equipment;
  3. Consulting support of users;
  4. Integrated technical support and maintenance of the company’s IT infrastructure;
  5. Installation and commissioning of IT equipment.

Individual terms of service are stipulated in the service level agreement (SLA), which can contain a variety of maintenance schemes – from scheduled scheduling to emergency specialist departure.

Advantages of IT outsourcing services from EVERTECH:

  1. Reduction of customers’ expenses for IT personnel;
  2. Improving the quality of service and minimizing downtime;
  3. Predictability of customers’ costs for IT;
  4. High level of responsibility and guarantee;
  5. Single entry point for all IT service tasks;
  6. Transparent reporting system.