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Modern computers, servers and storage systems consist of two equal components – hardware and software. Software – manages the hardware and helps to solve business problems, making maximum use of the possibilities of computer technology.

We offer a suitable option for you to purchase licensed software from different manufacturers to provide a complete set of tools and software functions to solve problems and translate ideas. We also offer timely program updates, comprehensive service support, access to new products and profitable offers.

According to recent research conducted by leading manufacturers of antivirus solutions, the number of hacker attacks has increased many times over the past year, the number of unique virus signatures is also growing at a very high rate. The main purpose of attacks is the commercial information of enterprises, which the attackers then use for their own mercenary purposes. But your data is under threat not only from hacker attacks – data loss is also possible due to the banal loss of the device or the work of the same insiders inside the organization. In these cases, unfortunately, the anti-virus solution cannot protect you from leaking critical information for your business.

The task that the customer has set for us is to build safe work for employees, who often travel on business trips and use laptops in their work.

EVERTECH specialists offered the customer to consider the solution of the world leader in the information security market of Symantec – Symantec ™ Endpoint Encryption, which is based on PGP technology and provides reliable encryption of all data on disks and removable media. Disk encryption is a modified pre-boot operating system environment that allows the user to authenticate themselves. The modified environment prompts the user to enter a longer password or whole sentence, at this stage, you can also configure the input using a smartcard, token, or two-factor authentication. There is also the possibility of authorization at this stage for a domain account (with simultaneous access to the Windows desktop without the need to re-enter the password). After entering the correct data, the user can work with his device.

Thanks to this technology, even with the physical loss of the device, no one can decrypt files that can contain confidential information on the employee’s laptop, which does not prevent the user from recovering access to his data, using a number of built-in solutions, in case he forgot the password.

Symantec ™ Endpoint Encryption solution will be useful for customers from different industries, as in any business data security is in the first place.