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  • Telephony and corporate communications
  • Communication networks of modern companies include many components, and telephony is only one of them. To satisfy all the demands of customers, we supply complex telecommunications facilities, combining them based on a single platform.

    The company’s EVERTECH specialists create corporate telephone networks from scratch, and develop traditional telephony on the basis of existing cable networks and implement IP-communications and video conferencing technologies for successful transition to a new level of collaboration using UC technologies.

    Projects cover the entire work cycle: from survey to final testing and support.

  • Network solutions for data center
  • The needs of data centers in network resources are radically different from standard networks. Specialists of the company EVERTECH have experience in the configuration and operation of specialized network equipment that support speeds of 10G / 40G / 100G and in the creation of ready-made networks for data centers.

    Specialists of the company EVERTECH successfully use network virtualization and FCoE technology, creating a “full construction” data center network. After surveying the place, designing, supplying equipment, commissioning and quality control of the project, the customer receives a fully functional network that meets its requirements in the field of data transfer speed, performance, reliability and security.

  • Corporate networks
  • The work of the main information systems in any organization depends on the reliability and efficiency of the corporate network. The company EVERTECH offers to use its own experience in the field of building local area networks for offices and combining several sites in one reliable network.

    When implementing projects of creation of corporate networks, the company’s specialists EVERTECH conduct a full cycle of works, including survey, design, equipment supply, commissioning and project management. As a result, the customer receives a ready-made network with the given characteristics of reliability, performance and security. It is easy to manage, and can grow with business, that will ensure the continuity and stability of the business processes. We will create for you a network that will provide your employees and customers high quality work, as well as a high level of security with the support of a growing number of mobile devices and cloud applications.