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The functions of video surveillance systems allow the on-line monitoring of a territory; detect unlawful and undesirable actions of third parties or personnel of organizations.

Now video surveillance systems can be divided into the following types:

– Functionality: security and technological.

– Territorial distribution: local and distributed.

By the type of data transfer: classic and network.

Security systems function to ensure law and order on the streets of the city, in municipal and commercial organizations, in the territory of various industrial enterprises, providing an operator the present-time picture.

Motion detectors and intelligent signal processing methods solve the problem of systematization of a large volume of incoming information successfully. Modern digital processing allows: to detect movement in difficult street conditions, to identify a person’s personality according to the geometric parameters of a face, to recognize the car numbers and to monitor the observance of traffic rules by road users.

The Results:

Timely receipt of sufficient information in order to make a decision.

Remote access to objective information.

The emergence of an additional deterrent to commit unlawful acts.

Optimization of production processes and increase of labor productivity.

Key Benefits:

Creation of simple localized or large distributed systems depending on the real needs of the client.

Presence of analytical functions of video signal processing allowing forming an event base and solving technological problems successfully.

Software integration of the television surveillance subsystem into the overall structure of the security system.

Video analytics makes it possible to use methods of computer vision to obtain automatically various data based on the analysis of images coming from video cameras.

The use of face recognition technology allows:

To block unwanted visitors by “black” lists.

To detect the penetration into forbidden zones.

To detect attempts to commit unlawful acts.

In the automatic mode to carry out video processing from all cameras, highlighting faces, matching faces with information in the database.

To support special events.

To monitor uninhabited premises.